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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What should I wear?
    The simplest answer is to touch on what you “shouldn’t” wear. For a head shot, shy away from clothing that is too provocative or too busy (patterns or stripes). And shy away from accessories such as jewelry. I know we are prone to feel naked without them, but you want the photo to be all about ‘you’. Accessories can pull focus. WIth that in mind, the sky’s the limit. Bring clothes you feel most comfortable in and like the best. And bring more than you think you’ll need. Variety and choices are always a good thing. Keep in mind that solid, saturated colors work well. Also keep in mind what you are trying to convey with your headshot, as far as your personality, what makes you ‘you’. And above all, bring the clothes pressed, dry cleaned or whatever makes them look their best. Don’t wear the clothes you are going to shoot in, bring them with you.
  • What about makeup? (this one is for women)
    Hopefully you don’t have to concern yourself with this because you’ve opted to use a professional makeup artist (preferably one of mine). I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having professional makeup for great headshots. I cannot be held responsible for headshots you might not like because of how the makeup looks. And the guarantee I offer is only good if you use a makeup artist I recommend. If you opt not to use a makeup artist (bad idea), the following are some tips to assist you. When having to be out and about before your shoot, bring the necessary items to clean your face and reapply your makeup. You want to look your absolute best. Your makeup wants to look fresh. If you are coming straight from home, don’t bother with makeup until you arrive on location. You’ll have time. Again, great makeup is essential for great headshots.
  • Apart from the clothing choices, what else should I bring to the session?"
    - A great big bowlful of personality mixed with confidence. I cannot emphasize that enough. Your headshot is your 3 second interview. You need to charm, intrigue, engage, and "wow" them, all in your 3 second interview. - Toothbrush and paste (just to make sure they are sparkling clean). - If your eyes are prone to redness or just feel dry, you might want to bring some drops. - Your favorite brand of water, or beverage.
  • Do you shoot color or B&W, portrait or landscape format, studio or natural light?"
    All of these are possible given your individual preferences. After all, it’s your headshot.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes. Upon booking a session a $95 deposit is required. This is just to ensure that you are serious about your session. The balance is due at the end of the session.
  • What if I cancel?
    I will be heartbroken (but I’ll get over it). Providing you give ample notice, 48 hrs, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, I accept credit cards. All payments can be made through my price page, via PayPal (unless you prefer to pay by cash). Please visit the price page to see payment options.
  • Can you describe a headshot session?
    Yes I can. And I promise that it will be covered, along with many other things, at the consultation. The consultation is free and takes place before a session is ever scheduled, so that you are under no obligation to use my services.
  • What other advice do you have for preparing for my session?
    Most of the info you will need in preparation for your session will be covered in the consultation. The main things I tell people are: - Get plenty of rest and try to eliminate as much stress from your schedule as possible. - Do some kind of physical exercise considered to be aerobic in nature on a daily basis. The more exercise you get, the more alive you feel, and look. It’s great for your skin. - If you’re a smoker, quit. You’ll live longer and your lungs will thank you. If you won’t quit, at least cut down considerably for a couple of weeks before your shoot. Every little bit helps. - Cut down on the amount of alcohol you consume for several days before your shoot. If you arrive for your shoot after a long night, the makeup artist will hate you............and so will the camera. A photographer is not a miracle worker. In such cases, I would probably give you back your deposit and say, “go away” please. You might not be so lucky with the makeup artist. She may demand payment for wasting her time.
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