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About Me

I was recently asked, as a photographer, "Why headshots?"


To be candid, this began as an endeavor to help young performers obtain workable, yet affordable, headshots. I spent some time in both the acting and the casting arenas and can appreciate what performers go through in the audition/interview process. I've witnessed way too many performers (most of them just out of high school or college) submitting pictures that failed to do them justice. And what was worse, they knew it. But it was all they had at the time, due to financial limitations or photographic deals that were too good to be true.  It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get great headshots.



I was also asked where I rank myself in the list of NYC headshot photographers.


Honestly, I try not to. There are some I really respect for the quality of their work. But I have people call me for sessions because they say they love the quality of MY work.  It really depends on the individual performers who are looking for great headshots, their individual preferences, and the budget they are working with.


There are some photographers in NYC that charge between $800.00 and $1,100.00 for a session (which does not always include the cost for the make up artist). If you think the quality of their work is superior to others and you can afford their prices, then you should definitely go to one of them.  It's all about who you think will get you great headshots.


If you believe the quaity of my work will represent you well in the industry, then let's talk.  



I believe my work to be of good quality, marketable, affordable, and, most of all, honest.


A headshot should be the "honest" representation of a person. That's my philosophy. And after hearing what some casting directors have to say, I think it's the right philosophy. Other than that, I let the people who have shot with me speak for themselves.


I will say this. Collaborating with a client and capturing a great shot, there's nothing quite like it. And when a client calls or emails me to tell me about the many people who are complimenting them on their headshot, or how thrilled they are about the number of auditions they are getting from submitting it.....that's what it's all about. I've done my job. And I am happy to say that those things are occurring with people who I've shot with.




I really Like what I do.


For me it's not so much about the money, although I do have to live, but capturing that shot (a great shot, a shot that is individually "you", a shot that gets you in the door), and knowing that my work is indeed helping you with yours; what a great way to spend my time.


And knowing just how essential it is to get really great headshots, and the anxiety a performer can go through, especially given the financial investment involved, in an effort to get one, I guarantee my work with a full refund of my session fee (or a re-shoot if that is your preference). If it eases the anxiety of getting a headshot, I'm happy to do it. I don't want a client worried about the "what if's" or stuck with photos they aren't completely satisfied with. There are a couple of conditions pertaining to the guarantee, having mainly to do with makeup, but we can discuss those at the consultation.


So, if you like the examples of my work posted in the gallery, and my prices seem reasonable to you, give me a call or send me an email and set up a consultation. If not, best of luck in your search, your career, and all you endeavor to do.




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